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Good People

Anthony Yount

Anthony Yount, Consulting Winemaker

Anthony, on the vineyard:
It’s extreme, and that excites me. Not only is it very exposed and steep, but the soils are very thin and super rocky. It exemplifies why Peachy Canyon is called Peachy Canyon. The limestone soils are pure pink...it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Anthony, on the terrior:
We, as winemakers, always talk about terroir...but it really only makes sense to make a wine that is terroir driven if your vineyard has something interesting to say. This site has something interesting to say, and it says it very loudly.

Anthony, on making Bordeaux style wines in a Rhone region:
The first question I asked Jim was, “Why make Bordeaux style wines in Rhone country?” Jim just flatly said he liked Bordeaux blends. You gotta give the guy credit for making the kind of wine he, himself, wants to drink. He’s not into chasing the latest trends. That’s what struck me the most: that passion.

Anthony, on looking toward the future:
It’s all about exploration, a new frontier, about seeing what develops and taking a front row seat. When you’re working with a young vineyard like this, it truly is an adventure.

Anthony, on Jim and Barbara:
They are humble people with a level of hospitality that cannot be overstated. They’ll fill up every room of their house with friends and family, then invite more people over for dinner. They’re just so fun and so hospitable. That’s simply who they are.

In addition to making Sixmilebridge’s wine, Anthony is the winemaker for Denner Vineyards.

Hillary Yount

Hillary Yount, Vineyard Manager

Hillary, on the westside:
Westside Paso Robles, with its cool climate, shows a different expression in the wine. That’s why I really love working with this land, and doing something different. We’re making true Westside Bordeaux style wines.

Hillary, on limitations:
This property is unique, with high elevation, limestone soils. We always aim to farm organically, and we are limited in our irrigation. We are always striving to find that right balance between our fruit and vine growth, and that’s the trick. When you make truly site-specific wines, it’s all about knowing that your limitations are really your blessings.

Hillary, on her vineyard philosophy:
I want to see how the vines respond without too much manipulation. It’s an ongoing conversation between the growing team and the land. I aim to listen first; to let the vineyard express itself.

Hillary, on communication:
Jim and Barbara have an amazing passion for this project, and we can all feel it. It’s really all connected: the vineyard, the winery, and the people. Great communication: That’s what makes the best wine.

Jim and Barbara Moroney

Jim and Barbara Moroney, Proprietors

Jim, on choosing Paso Robles:
The people here are so friendly; there’s no pretentiousness. It’s a much lower key, more laid back feeling among the winemakers, trade, and the people coming to taste the wine—plus, there is no question that the soils are the best in California for growing quality grapes. We chose Paso because we believe it is the up and coming wine region in California for making great wine. We’re proud to be part of building something that has potential for greatness.

Jim, on Barbara:
To understand Barbara, you need to start here: Her dad was the first man to scale all of the seven highest mountains on the seven continents. When he made Everest the seventh, and last, in 1985, he also became the oldest man at that time to ever have scaled the peak. He was 55. Barbara's mom was the Valedictorian of her class at the Hockaday School and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin Phi Beta Kappa. So, Barbara naturally comes by her stamina, her persistence, her endurance--and her goal orientation--in all things she undertakes. On top of all that, she's very, very smart. I couldn't ask for a better partner in this endeavor we've undertaken together.

Barbara, on Jim:
He’s got a passionate, engaging personality, and he’s grown up enjoying Bordeaux wines. He’s also very generous and he loves sharing what’s important to him. That extends to his wine knowledge and his wine—Jim will even plan wine trips for his friends. That’s how passionate he is about sharing his love of wine.

On how great wine should be enjoyed:
We often sit on our covered front porch in the early evening reading the newspaper surrounded by our dogs, enjoying a nice glass of wine. We believe great wine elevates all occasions, from the most simple times to sumptuous dinners with friends, to traveling. It’s as simple and exceptional as that.

Barbara, on authenticity:
We really feel that the area and the people, the style of the wines, and cadence of Paso Robles really aligns with who we are. We prefer authentic down to earth people. Everything we have experienced in Paso thus far, from our architect and contractor to our vineyard manager to our winemaker to our neighbors: they are authentic people that love the area and love what they are doing. These are our kind of people.

Barbara, on what she likes to drink:
I’m always happy drinking whatever Jim pours.